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Capture packets on CISCO router

In this post I am going to demonstrate how to capture traffic on CISCO router. Software version should be IOS Release 12.4(20)T or later. Captured traffic is stored in RAM and will not be avail after reload. Configuration done to … Continue reading

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OSPF (Open Shortest Path First)

OSPF have its own protocol number 89. OSPF OSPF is a link state protocol it exchanges detailed topology information within a area and only summary out of the area. OSPF uses Dijkstra algorithm. Each device running will apply Dijkstra algo … Continue reading

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BGP(Border Gateway Protocol)

BGP uses TCP port 179. Difference between eBGP and iBGP: eBGP have AD of 20 and iBGP have AD of 200. In eBGP nexthop get changed whereas in case of iBGP nexthop doesn’t changes. Route receieved from one eBGP peer … Continue reading

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