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Capture Anyconnect vpn traffic in wireshark

To capture tunnel interface traffic we have to run following command on cmd of windows system. The cmd should be open using administrator privilege. net stop npf net start npf After running above commands start wireshark you will start seeing … Continue reading

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Enable Telnet on Cisco AP

1> Go to exec mode: AP>en Password: 2> You need to go to configuration mode: AP#debug capwap console cli This command is meant only for debugging/troubleshooting Any configuration change may result in different behavior from centralized configuration. CAPWAP console CLI … Continue reading

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Python script to ping ip in a subnet

from commands import getoutput from multiprocessing import Process from sys import exit class PING_SWEEP(object): def pinger(self, host_num): “””thread pinger function””” hostadrr = host.split(‘.’)[:-1]#removes . from user input hostadrr = ‘.’.join(hostadrr) + ‘.’ + repr(host_num) # adds . and last octet … Continue reading

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Remove trailing space from all line of a file using powershell

We can use following script to remove space at the end of each line in a file with the help of powershell script. $InputFile = ‘C:\Users\user\Desktop\1.txt’ write-host “removing trailing space.. of file $InputFile” $content = Get-Content $InputFile $content | Foreach {$_.TrimEnd()} … Continue reading

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Python script to print all hyper links on a URL

We can use this script to find all hyper links on a web page. This script can be used in reconnaissance. import urllib2 import re import sys #connect to a URL url= str(sys.argv[1]) website = urllib2.urlopen(url) #read html code html … Continue reading

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There are lot of tool to perform reconnaissance: nmap arping arping: This command send arp request packet to a host and if a reply comes then we can say that that host is alive. This command can be useful to … Continue reading

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How to resolve in Linux

While running commands with the help of sudo if you are getting following error the you have to add that user to sudo group : is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported adduser <username> sudo  

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