Configure a virtual server in F5 LTM

In this post I will show how to do basic configuration of F5 LTM for load balancing traffic to hosted web servers. Following is the topology.

We have three server with IP as,, . F5 LTM have a interface which have IP address as Gateway of servers is

We will configured F5 to load balance traffic to 3 server. External user will use IP and traffic will be sent to one of these server by F5 LTM.F5-Topology

You have to configure Node, Pool, Virtual server for this task.

1> Configuring Node: Node will represent actual server.


2> Configure pool: Now add all the node to one pool. You need to add nodes under Resources. Health monitor is optional but its good to check the health status of servers.


3> Configure Virtual server: Create a virtual server, assign a IP to virtual server to which user will hit and traffic will be redirect to actual server as per configuration.


virtual-server 2

CLI commands:


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