Bluecoat How to:

How to take packet capture on bluecoat ProxySG device:

Go to Maintenance> Service Information> Packet captures:


You can type ip host x.x.x.x or host x.x.x.x to capture traffic

How to download captured packet on bluecoat:

Go to Maintenance> Service Information> Packet captures click on show statistics it will open a new page download from that new page.

How to check who have logged in to CLI of proxySG :

proxysg>show sessions
  #   state  type    start                     elapsed     connected from
  01  IDLE
  02  PRIVL  ssh     30 Jan 2017 19:58:49 UTC  13:47:22    x.x.x.x
  03* NORML  ssh     16 Feb 2017 09:38:14 UTC  00:07:57    x.x.x.x

How to check bluecoat proxysg version:

proxysg>show version
Version: SGOS Proxy Edition
Release id: xxxx
UI Version: Build: 191480
Serial number: xxxxxx
NIC 0 MAC: xxxxxx

How to export policy trace from bluecoatSG:

https:// x.x.x.x:8082/policy

Check url category on bluecoat:


How to download bluecoat Web filter updates:
You need to go to Configuration>Content Filtering> Bluecoat tab

How to test accessing website from bluecoat to check if bluecoat can access that website or not:

test http get
With the help of this command we can test if bluecoat can reach
to or not and if google server is replying or not.


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